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Rostyles for sale

To: "Larry Macy" <>,
Subject: Rostyles for sale
From: "Chris Delling" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 14:12:46 -0400
Larry -

I'll offer 10% if you can get $2.5  billion for mine.  Seriously folks, I
have a set of (4) Rostyles that I will happily get rid of.  I just put on
minilites.  They are in very good condition, sandblasted and painted in
original pattern a few thousand miles ago.  They are straight and come
complete with new chrome trim rings, and MG logo center caps.  If you are
considering restoring yours, you may want to think twice.


Chris Delling

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> Subject: Rostyles for sale
> Ran across a guy with some original Rostyle wheels for a B. He offered
> them for sale. As in Make An Offer. He put LE style mags on and still has
> the original 5 (yes gang count em 5) wheels. He offered them to me but
> what exacly am I supposed to do with 5 14" steel wheels on a Midget with
> 5 13" wire wheels?
> I would say no interest etc. but he offered 10%. so can I hear $2.5
> billion (trying to catch Gates as best I can) for a set of 5??
> Make an offer and I will passs it on.
> Larry Macy
> 78 Midget
> Lansdale PA a suburb of Philadelphia, That's in Pennsylvania in the
> United States on the North American continent. (for those that are
> geographically challenged) Just didn't want one of those emails to the
> list saying " WHERE ARE YOU? "
> Larry B. Macy, Ph.D.
> System Manager/Administrator
> Neuropsychiatry Section
> Department of Psychiatry
> University of Pennsylvania
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> Philadelphia, PA 19104
> In a world without walls or fences, what use do we have for windows or
> gates?

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