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Re: Changing VIN in CA?

To: Simon Matthews <>
Subject: Re: Changing VIN in CA?
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 16:58:40 -0600
Simon Matthews wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if it is possible to change the recorded VIN for a car
> in CA? My MGA (like many, according to Clausager) has the engine number
> recorded as the VIN on its documents. I would like the documents to record
> the car number, as this may simplify registration in the UK, should I
> eventually move back.
> So, how do I do this? Will it involve endless hours in line at the DMV (or
> is this something I can do at a AAA office?)
> Simon
> ---
> Simon Matthews                
> '57 MGA

        Well, I can't speak for California but it is, and was, possible in
Missouri.  It was a little bit of a hassle.  I did the "leg work" via
phone and finally got the person who is capable of these types of
things.  I was directed to the local Highway Patrol troop where they did
a VIN verification.  Then off to the Department of Revenue (DMV to
others) where I met w/ the lady w/ who directed me in the first place. 
A little paperwork, including $7.50 title fee and it was done.

Larry Dickstein
Kansas City, MO

Bob Allen's slow computer student!!!

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