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GT cuts out/ birthday

To: <>
Subject: GT cuts out/ birthday
From: "bill" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 15:17:14 -0700
Just had a nice, expensive long distance talk with my older son concerning
his '74 GT and other things.

His problem is: car runs fantastically, but at say 50mph it cuts out "like
somebody hit an off switch".   He can not re-start by popping the
clutch,etc.  One time, while trying to coast out of traffic, he hit the curb
and it started up again.

So I suggested a loose connection, etc.  He thinks he's tried all that, but
will re-check.  Also, the wire(s) in the distributor are rather bare and
frayed - could they ground out to the housing or something?  I need any
ideas - I want he and his wife to drive the 100 miles for my birthday dinner
next Friday!

I put a centrifugal fuel pump on it a year ago.



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