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Re: tow dolly ? License plates

To: Nory P <>
Subject: Re: tow dolly ? License plates
From: Tim Nagy <>
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 10:39:31 -0500

It was a corporate store in Merrita, they asked me what I was towing,
and put me on my way.  Only when I returned it to the local Car
Wash/U-Haul franchise did the gent there tell me that it was a

Nory P wrote:
> Tim,
> Didn't Uhaul give you any trouble about getting that trailer?  Our
> local Uhaul wouldn't give me one with my 6 cyl Ranger.  They told me I
> had to rent one of their trucks!  (I didn't - turned out to be cheaper
> to get a transport company to haul it)
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