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To: Obadiah Fayth <>
Subject: Re: Hello
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 10:35:06 -0800
Word on the street is that Obadiah Fayth said:
>       Hello Everone! I just subscribed to the list and wanted to
> introduce myself. My name is Obie and I don't have an MG yet, but want to
> get one. Actually it my dad who wants to buy one. He has always liked them
> and a couple of weeks ago there was something on tv about the MGB GT V8. So
> now he wants me to build him a convertable version of one. He just bought a
> book about it that is quite thorough, but we still have a lot of questions.

No need to chop up an MGB GT, just start with an MGB :)

>       Firstly I was wondering if there are any good web sites re: buying
> MGs and what we should look for (rust prone spots, etc...). I think we are
> going to look for a rubber bumper car since the conversion will be a little
> easier, but we both really prefer the looks of the chrome bumpers. I have
> been told that they can be retrofited. What do we need (fenders, grill,
> hood?)? Where can I find the required pieces?

I have a buying tips section on my web site at
You are right that the rubber bumper car is much easier to do a V8 transplant
than the earlier chrome bumper cars.  You probably also want the book
"How to give your MGB V8 Power" by Roger Williams which seems to be the
bible of V8 conversions.  You can find a link to that book at

You probably also want to join the MGB V8 mail list, go to for info on that.

>       Also I was wondering how v8 conversions are looked upon by the MG
> crowd. Should I be wearing nomex while I write this ;) Are there any other
> people on the list who have converted their cars? I would be interested to
> know what kind of engines and trans, etc... you chose to fit. My dad and I
> both live in Tacoma, WA. USA and unfortunately the supply of used Rover
> 3.5l engines is rather limited. Is there a similar late model Buick
> powerplant?

The most "accepted" V8 conv is the Rover powerplant you mention.

>       I have seen Moss mentioned several times, who are the other parts
> suppliers in the US? Oh, one more thing. The book we got recommends fitting
> what they call a "new Heritage shell". What the heck is that? New frame,
> frame + body???

The MGB does not have a frame, instead using a "monocoque" design that
integrates strong sill sections and crossmembers to make for a very solid
body.  The Heritage shell is a completely new body made with the original
tooling in the UK and is great for a "better than new" ground-up restoration.

Don't forget you will also want to upgrade the BRAKE SYSTEM as well.  With
all that extra power you need extra stopping power.  Remeber the MG motto
"Safety Fast" !

I'm sure other list members will have a lot more to contribute to the


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