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Re: *This* is MG country!

To: Eric <>
Subject: Re: *This* is MG country!
From: Pat Bailey <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 07:31:42 -0800
I'll have to go with Southern Calif
where I live.You can drive all
year,we have plenty of canyons You
can drive from the beach to 8000'
mountains and back down to the
desert in 1 day!Sure we have all the
congested "freeways " you hear about
and a few loonies shooting people
(usually on said freeways)but if you
are not in a hurry you can go just
about anywhere without hitting a
freeway.Today I'm going down to
Venice Ca from Lancaster Ca I,ll be
taking Bouquet canyon down to the
valley,down Sepulveda over Sepulveda
pass down to wilshire to Lincoln
Blvd check out the cars at Chequered
flag do my businness and probably
come home up PCH to malibu canyon up
through Thousand oaks up to Hwy138
avross to Castaic and back home via
Lake Hughes road and Elizabeth lake
canyon.Sure it will take longer and
drive further than just jumping on
the freeway but it will be a nice
trip with lots of twisties and it
will make an otherwise boring trip
an adventure!I never get tired of
driving the canyons I think it's
sort of like being in a time warp
the roads are the same as they were
when my MG was new 20 years ago.
So next time you have to go
somewhere look at a map and see if
you can go the back way take your
LBC and make the day an adventure
and leave the SUV and freways at
home you'll come back from that
errand with asmile on your face!

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