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Re: *This* is MG country!

Subject: Re: *This* is MG country!
From: Pat Bailey <>
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 08:18:01 -0800 wrote:

> > I'm going to have to put another in for southern california. 'specially San
> > Diego.
> I've heard wonderful things about the San Diego area.  Two things that
> would bother me living there.
> 1.  Wacko government regulations.  Especially those related to
> transportation, e.g., EV mandates, unreasonable emission tests (even the
> pre 1970 something exemption has a clause requiring all OEM emission
> equipment be in place and working, just no testing.  I beleive CARB will
> eventually start enforcing this clause.
> 2.  No winter down time to reflect, improve, restore LBC's.
> I'll stick with NY and NE.

 I agree that we have stupid people running the state but if enough of us get
together we can put a stop to it we got the pre 73 exemption by writing and
griping so IF we keep on top of it we can still win.I was talking about the 
and diversity we have here.

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