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Re: Mark's address was Re: Team.Net Server Status

Subject: Re: Mark's address was Re: Team.Net Server Status
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 13:57:46 PST
Ed, our resident list curmudgeon and OF extrordinaire, and MG realist 
got me on this one, folks. 
The US Postal Service got us even more. 
At 31 years of age....25 cents for a stamp doesn't seem that long ago. 
Add a penny and send the check. My wife handles the bills AND the snail 
mail (cooking and vacuuming were in the marriage vows) Not that I'm a 
chauvanist pig or anything...if I am, SUE me! My paycheck and hours (no 
time card here) are more than hers! (Tell your senator that the 4.8% 
increase is a good thing -- Dan's worth it!)
Good thing my mother's on email...we send cards via the internet 
73 B

>Old Cars, Old Times, huh, Dan????
>          Ed
>          Using $ .33 ones myself<G><G>!!!

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