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Re: Mark's address was Re: Team.Net Server Status

Subject: Re: Mark's address was Re: Team.Net Server Status
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999 18:14:30 -0500
Dan Ray wrote:
> Thanks David.
> Hey folks...send Mark a check! 10-15 bucks plus a 32 cent stamp (in the
> US)is a pittance for what we get out of this list! Imagine what a
> mechanic would charge you!
> Dan
> 73 B
> >
> >For those 99+%, here it is...
> >
> >Fat Chance Garage
> >PO Box 58333
> >Salt Lake City, UT  84158
> >
> >Mine is on the way, Mark. I don't mind paying for my entertainment as
> >well as valuable assistance with my mechanical hobby.
> >
> >David Lynes, Woodstock, GA
> >73 Midget
> >78 MGB

Last year at Income tax refund time I made a suggestion that 
every one getting a refund make a donation to Mark.  Well Its that 
time of year again refunds are coming in - mine came in in  10 days! 
(Efile is great!) - so why not sit down and write out a check and mail 
it to him and help keep the list going.  Mine check will go out Monday.


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