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Master brake cylinders

Subject: Master brake cylinders
From: "Dan Dwelley" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 12:05:10 PST
Who was it that said they found the Master Brake Cyl. for $35 from Advance
Auto? I called the nearest Advance auto (about an hour away in Baltimore)
and they quoted me a price of $87. I'm not complaining about the price but
how is it that the same company has 2 different prices for the same item?

Any and all comments welcome. I feel that $87 is a good price for a rebuilt
master with a lifetime guar. but what's with the $35 it cheaper
(quality) or the same.

Dan Dwelley
77 Midget
Alexandria, Va.

(Don't mind spending the extra money for a good quality part but don't want
to be taken to the cleaners either) the way...Yates auto Parts wants $275 for the same part (rebuilt)

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