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RE: stupid radiator!

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Subject: RE: stupid radiator!
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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 16:55:39 -0400
Or my college favorite:

Never put off for tomorrow that which can be put off for the day after

or on the same tune...

If God were a college student, he wouldn't have worked for 6 days and rested
on the 7th.  Rather he would have rested for 6 days and pulled an all

To bad I can't still live by these.....   Responsibility can be a rude


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Subject: Re: stupid radiator!

Josef Kurtz wrote:
> well, i guess i forgot the annual spring sacrifice to the dark lord, so i
> have been punished. (silly me for planning on taking off the hard top
> thisw weekend)

Never put off till tomorrow, those things you should do today!

> i then had to leave this morning, so i havent had a chance to check things
> over yet (it was fun having to RUN to work).  so, have have a number of
> questions:
> 1.  i plan on pulling the radiator to check for hoses, etc.  i have never
> done this.  any warnings i should know about?

Piece of cake! you shouldn't have any trouble.
I've got a '77 B and have pulled the radiator out
several times... once just for fun.

> 2.  assume it is the radiator, what can i expect?  should i order a new
> one, or is it worth getting it fixed?  (at this point, i am listening to
> any and all distributors out there)

I'd order a new, but then again, I have more money then GOD.
Most people might just solder the crack/hole closed.
(welding torch and some tin solder ought
 to do the job, and cost only 10 bucks)

> 3.  after running the engine extremely hot for ~5 min, do i need to
> replace the temp sensor?  should i check the head?  have i totally screwed
> myself?

hummm... I can't say. Depends on several factors.

After you fix the radiator, pay close attention to the obvious.

> 4.  do i need to check teh water pump as well?  how should i do this?

Does it still pump water? That's the only question I'd ask.

> 5.  what small animals are appeasing the dark one this spring?  i had
> hoped that biting the heads off of the pink marshmellow peeps and sucking
> the insides of carburry cream eggs would have done it, but i guess not.  

Try the neighbors cat.


Dennis Berman

(_o____o_)   Safety Fast

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