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Pertronix Electronic Ignition.

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Subject: Pertronix Electronic Ignition.
From: "Harlan Jillson" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 19:11:14 -0500
Hi All,
   Well we seem to come here for information all the time, usually when we
have a problem, I just thought I'd through out something that appears to be
   I bought a pertronix electronic ignition for the '72 B from Skip Kelsey,
mainly because I'm lazy and don't like servicing the points every month or
so ( daily driver).  The little unit installed in about 15 minutes following
the package directions, hooked it up to the old Lucas Sport Coil, and fired
it up to see where things were.
   The timing light showed I was running about 45 degrees advanced at
startup, so I cranked it back to 18 degrees at 900 rpm, and it smoothed
right out.  I went through and re-gapped to plugs @ .035 to start with and
took it for a spin.  The difference was quite noticeable, a lot smoother
running at high rpms, and the engine will idle down to 500 rpm if you want
to and be nice and smooth.
   Now before we all go on about tune-ups and distributor wear and all that,
there isn't any (appreciable) play in the dist. bushes, and all the normal
tune up parts ( including wires) were replaced a week ago, and are in good
shape.  It just seems that this part does what it's supposed to and seem's
to work well, and I thought others would be interested.

For the FWIW department.

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