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Re: more consistent metallic clunk

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Subject: Re: more consistent metallic clunk
From: "gary & traci" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 21:56:45 -0500
mine does the same .sounds like the thrust washers in the rearend
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> A metallic clunk occurs every time I lift my foot from the gas and
>a second clunk occurs when I put pressure so the pedal moves down.
> I don't have to change gears. I only have to change the
>driveshaft from loaded to not loaded or pressured to unpressured...what is
>the terminology to use when one changes from active driving to
>the gas pedal is not under foot pressure?
>       In other words, when the B changes from gas to no gas while in gear,
>this metalic clunk occurs and it occurs in the opposite transition as well.

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