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RE: more consistent metallic clunk

To: "'Bill Saidel'" <>,
Subject: RE: more consistent metallic clunk
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 08:29:53 +0200
Hi Bill,

Does the sound still come from the tranny?
If so - see earlier messages about this - check the tranny mounting rubbers.
These rubbers are ineffective due to leaking oil making these worthless.

Another possibility is play in the U-joints. Easy to check when you are
under the car.

If the sound comes from the rear it looks like the differential gear.



filling the hydraulics in the '71 BGT

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> Subject:      more consistent metallic clunk
> Hi all,
>    Chapter 1 was a transmission related clunk - I thought.
> Chapter 2 was a changing of
> the tranny oil ... messy but done and no metallic chunks.
>   Here's chapter 3 and I
> request suggestions from the knowledgeable and even the notso if they make
> sense.
>       A metallic clunk occurs every time I lift my foot from the gas and
> a second clunk occurs when I put pressure so the pedal moves down.
>  I don't have to change gears. I only have to change the
> driveshaft from loaded to not loaded or pressured to unpressured...what is
> the terminology to use when one changes from active driving to
> ?inactive-when
> the gas pedal is not under foot pressure?
>        In other words, when the B changes from gas to no gas while in
> gear,
> this metalic clunk occurs and it occurs in the opposite transition as
> well.
> Suggestions?
> Bill
> '76B

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