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flanges are different???

Subject: flanges are different???
From: Florrie & Allen Bachelder <>
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 07:46:49 -0400
Paul -

Here's your May Day MG trivia.  ' Ran across this several years ago when I
converted my '76 to HS4s, the choice (over HIFs) being made on the basis of
what manifolds I had in the barn.  ' Just rechecked a catalog: 12H 709 was
used through 1971 (HS4 equipped MGBs).  12H 3911 was used 1972-1974 (HIF
equipped MGBs).


>Hi all....
>Hey Lawrie... I pose this question to you more than the rest of the list
>I assuming you have ... at least...  seen a greater variety of exhaust
>manifolds for
>different vehicles.
>I just this morning noticed a variance in the two exhaust manifolds I have
>sitting about. Specifically I've noticed a difference in the thickness of
>the mount flanges.  Both are the stock type 3-to-2 cast iron.
>One unit says 'MOWOG' on the rear down tube with '12H709' on the front tube
>this unit has a flange thickness of roughly 0.56"
>The other unit says 'AGA E1' (where the other said MOWOG) and it's forward
>says '12H 3911' This one's flange is only 0.43" thick...<<snip>>...
>Paul Tegler
>Twin 73' MGB GTs YB and OB
>YB born 8/72 (Primrose Yellow) Yellow BGT
>OB born 1/73 (Blaze Red) Orange BGT
>North of Annapolis, South of Baltimore

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