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Dumb owner's questions-re U-joint replacement

Subject: Dumb owner's questions-re U-joint replacement
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Sat, 1 May 99 8:03:53 EDT
Here's some ultradumb questions that I would never have the nerve to ask in
person re removing the driveshaft/propeller to replace u-joints.

1. with my car ('76B)  on blocks and in gear, how do I rotate the driveshaft to 
access to the non-accessable flange I put it in neutral and force
it from below?
2. I noticed in Haynes, p. 139, the bolt heads at both ends point towards the
flange. In my vehicle,the PO installed the front flange with the bolt head
pointing towards the transmission - which means I cannot remove the bolt.
BUT...the bolt heads are not completely round...there is a ?word choice?
sanded or filed end so the bolt head abuts the flange flat and against a
dohickey (?another word?) connected to the transmission half of the flange.

Is this the normal set up?

3. p.138 of Haynes, last paragraph right side(Dismantling) makes reference to
"spiders"-"...extract the spiders from the yokes."  
What does spiders mean?

Despite my ignorance, I'm 5/8ths of the way to removing the shaft. But the
last 3/8ths are 90% of my confusion.


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