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Re: Dumb owner's questions-re U-joint replacement

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Subject: Re: Dumb owner's questions-re U-joint replacement
From: "Lonn Howard" <>
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 08:19:58 -0700
Good for you Bill, much better to ask questions than just blindly
blunder along.

1.  Yes
2.  Also, yes.
3.  The spider is the u-joint.

Lonn Howard
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From: Bill Saidel <>
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Sent: Saturday, May 01, 1999 5:03 AM
Subject: Dumb owner's questions-re U-joint replacement

>Here's some ultradumb questions that I would never have the nerve to
ask in
>person re removing the driveshaft/propeller to replace u-joints.
>1. with my car ('76B)  on blocks and in gear, how do I rotate the
driveshaft to gain
>access to the non-accessable flange I put it in neutral and
>it from below?
>2. I noticed in Haynes, p. 139, the bolt heads at both ends point
towards the
>flange. In my vehicle,the PO installed the front flange with the bolt
>pointing towards the transmission - which means I cannot remove the
>BUT...the bolt heads are not completely round...there is a ?word
>sanded or filed end so the bolt head abuts the flange flat and against
>dohickey (?another word?) connected to the transmission half of the
>Is this the normal set up?
>3. p.138 of Haynes, last paragraph right side(Dismantling) makes
reference to
>"spiders"-"...extract the spiders from the yokes."
>What does spiders mean?
>Despite my ignorance, I'm 5/8ths of the way to removing the shaft. But
>last 3/8ths are 90% of my confusion.

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