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Subject: Britfest
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 18:04:41 -0500 (CDT)
A glorious day. A little too early rise for me this morning. Was un-able to 
sleep due to my 
disgust with the quality of the body work done by Maaco on the GT I just got 
back yesterday. I 
almost skipped Britfest cause I'm so sick about this, I'm glad I didn't. It was 
a prefect day 
for a show. A little cool in the morning so Eileen and I opted for top up on 
the ride out to 
Horseshoe Park, NJ. Very nice local/grounds for a show. The turn out was 
fantastic. Rick B., 
Larry M. Mike L. and Mike G. a few of the list members on hand. Missing and 
missed were Mike 
Robson, Doug Russell and (although not on the list) Ian Pender. I was asked a 
few times about 
Ian's where abouts. The turn out was great and the 20 or so vendors had 
everything you may have 
on your wish list. I tried quickly and cut the day short. I was concerned that 
the weather may 
start cooling again and really wanted a nice, leisurly top down run home. Saw a 
Healey 3000 on 
the road on ride back and enjoyed taking the B up to 100+ to maximize the 
effect of my passing 
him at close to double his speed. You would think at 41 I would start growing 
out of stuff like 
this. It was Eileen's fault anyway, if she hadn't have fallen asleep I would 
not have done it. 
We stopped for lunch in Bayside, Queens and were back home by 3:30. 

The BGT is going back in on Monday and they WILL be fixing the most offending 
areas on it's 
body. I still maintain that there are both good and bad Maaco shops out there 
but must say that 
the Brooklyn E. 49th street is definitely not one of the good ones.

Safety Fast,
David Deutsch       

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