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Re: Best Carbs for MG???

Subject: Re: Best Carbs for MG???
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 22:24:50 +0000
Don Cobb wrote:
> What is the lists opinion when it comes to the best carburetor for 
> the MG?

... and should I drop the tailshaft when towing.

OK.. from an absolute newbie to this game I can only quote from limited
experience but... out of SIX MGs test driven.  Four had Webers and two
had SU's.  

Maybe there is a mindset with those that install Webers but all of those
so fitted drove like... a truck.  Heavy to handle and heavy on the
throttle - there was no way I could drive them 'smoothly', that is,
accelerate smoothly... leaving me feeling a little stressed by the end
of the drive.  I was constantly thinking about how to get that smooth
transition between throttle and no throttle (gear changes... traffic
lights... slow cars) I found a frightening 'pause' when stamping on the
throttle when I went to pass a car on a single lane hill roadway.

None of the SU fitted cars reacted that way but they felt like they had
a tad less 'grunt' as well.

So, listers... are these first impressions correct or did I just catch a
bad batch?  I bought my little yellow beast WITHOUT Webers BECAUSE of
this impression.


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