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Re: Alignment info needed from expert

Subject: Re: Alignment info needed from expert
From: Scott Fisher <>
Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 23:07:12 -0700
About that +2 camber on the driver's side:

Is the upper kingpin trunnion mounted the right way round?

They *look* reversible, and you can actually get them bolted up
backwards, but that will result in massively wrong camber settings. 
I've made that mistake once on a Midget and once again on a B, though I
fixed both fortunately before getting things too far along.  

Just take a quick look at the orientation on the passenger's side, where
things seem to be right.  

Final thought: did you somehow get a trick negative-camber bushing for
the front and did it end up installed backwards?  I seem to remember
those offset bushings as a handling tweak for Spridget front ends; that
would actually be a more likely solution than the first one, which (the
more I think about it) results in really, obviously, that-can't-be-right
suspension appearance even without the wheels in place.

But both worth a quick look.

 --Scott Fishe
   Sunnyvale, CA

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