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Subject: Re: Blowing
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 18:30:19 +1000
Hi all,

> > Paxton or Eaton could be set up for $4000.  I don't know that much and
> > couldn't be termed a technophile but wouldn't a blower be easier to
setup than

Well.. There is a local supplier here in Australia who markets a modern
supercharger solution for the MGB - conservative output with 1800cc engine
of 180BHP on a moderate boost.

It's supplied by High Performance Products in Victoria +61 3 9874 1800. I've
bought tonnes of racing stuff from them and their products are great! Mike
Gigante put me on to them and I can't praise them highly enough, the owner
Hans Pederson is a really great guy and so easy to talk to - see ask stupid
questions to <G>. :)

(Quoting from brochure)

"Standard Kit includes:
  Opcon Autorotor Twin Screw Supercharger
  Slimline aluminium allow manifold
  New HIF type SU Carburettor
  Custom  HPP K&N Filtercharger Air filter assemblies (I've got these on my
  Latest Technology "serpentine" Multi-V belt drive system..

Flat torque curve, no throttle lag, no body mods necessary, all fixing
hardware etc etc"

They also sell a myriad of other products including Coated LCB headers,
mufflers, valvetrain equip etc. Sorry but I don't know the price for the
Supercharger, but I would hazard a guess it would be cheaper than $4000 USD!
I'd say you'd be able to just buy the Supercharger minus all that other
guff, I think they try to sell it as a total package to people and they fit
it for them..


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