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The rebuild budget

Subject: The rebuild budget
From: Scott Fisher <>
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 09:48:52 -0700
rsexson points out:

>Has anyone, other than me, noticed that the amount of money you
intended to
>spend on rebuilding your LBC is about two plus times, the amount you
>your wife it would be?

About seven or eight years ago, I commented to my wife about some
project I wanted to undertake on one of the LBCs.  I quoted a dollar

She looked up in the air over my head, I could see her thinking hard
about something, and then looked back at me and said "Okay."

"What were you doing?"  I asked her.

"I was just calculating what it would probably really cost," she said. 
"I've noticed that whatever you tell me something's going to cost, if I
pretend I'm converting from Celsius to Fahrenheit -- double it and add
thirty -- I'm pretty close to the final amount."

"Is that thirty percent, or thirty of whatever the next-largest
increment of dollars is?"

"Whichever is larger," she said, with a completely straight face.

 --Scott Fisher
   Sunnyvale, CA

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