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Re: The rebuild budget

Subject: Re: The rebuild budget
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 20:54:41 EDT
On Sun, 2 May 1999 08:40:47 -0700 Max Heim <>
>...not to mention the amount you *actually* spend, which is three 
> had this to say:
>>Has anyone, other than me, noticed that the amount of money you 
>intended to
>>spend on rebuilding your LBC is about two plus times, the amount you 
>told>your wife it would be?

When i got back into MGs after about a 15 year hiatus I carefully kept
track of what i had spent - for a while........ not a very long while
actually! Too scary!
Now i pay cash for most services, do not keep receipts and generally
forget ever having spent anything on the cars at all!!! - just gas and
oil changes like the rest of you!! - after all, we all know that resprays
are usd400 and replacing heads....hmmmm. 250 was it????? hehe
This nearly all went pear-shaped a few months ago when my friendly local
MG mechanic (rather foolishly)offered my wife a job doing his books!!! -
God what a nightmare that would have been if she ever got into his
computer records.( I can hear the cries of "what is a differential? and
why did you need one rebuilt three times...")
I dont feel all that bad about it though - i mean it isnt me that spends
700 on curtains or a kings ransom on exotic overbred hyperactive dogs -
or needs at least two pairs of shoes a month!! - I figure bankruptcy
should be a shared experience!

mike robson
69 roadster - (cost me 2/3 of bugger-all !)
70 BGT - (less than that!!!)
53 Riley (actually hasnt really cost anything yet......well.....)

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