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Re: Best Carbs for MG???

Subject: Re: Best Carbs for MG???
From: James <>
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 13:04:42 -0500
>Don Cobb wrote:
>> What is the lists opinion when it comes to the best carburetor for
>> the MG?

I've always felt that you can't go wrong following the advice of Peter
Burgess' book "How to Power Tune MGB 4-Cylinder Engines for Road & Track".
Here's are a few of the things he has to say on the subject:

"...because of [the SU's] commonplace usage it has never had the high
performance image it deserves."

"The SU carburetor is easily capable of providing power outputs from the B
series only very marginally surpassed at very high rpm by competition-type
sidedraught installations."

"It is interesting to note that a correctly set-up SU has more fueling
sites than computer controlled fuel injection systems, i.e. more ability to
specifically alter fueling to suit varying load and throttle positions..."

Peronslly, I just don't understand why anyone bothers with Webers. IMHO and
YMMV, of course :-)

- James Einolf
'74 MGB (yes, it's back on the road again and the new custom-built 2"
exhaust runs and sounds great)

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