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Subject: Supercharger/Blowing
From: "Rob Geskey" <>
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 15:28:19 PDT
Hey there Bill,

Thanks for the reply.  I am sending this to the list since the mail I sent 
to you bounced.  So, to all of you with no interest, I apologize for using 
up the band width here.  I do have a Judson in like new condition for my 
project.  I know it will not be all that powerful, but a small step up 
anyway.  This car and engine only has 17k original miles and I am not 
wanting to change it too much yet via transplant and/or heavy internal 

The Judson I have was made for MGAs.  From everything I can figure, it 
should bolt up without much of a problem to a B engine though.  Being a MG 
owner, I obviously have worked on my cars in the past, but I have never 
installed one of these before and I do like to prepare with knowledge at 
hand before forging ahead into darkness.  I was curious what problems I 
might run into such as radiator placement and all.  It looks as if the fan 
has to move closer to the radiator in order to clear the pair of belts to 
run the compressor.  I am not too sure about manifold flange thickness 
variations either, but not a big deal since machining special washers is 
easily done to accommodate that part.  This car is the first of the rubber 
Bs, so the fan is on the water pump and not of the electric type.  Any ideas 
you can share on that or any other aspect of the installation that may have 
been thought provoking would be appreciated.  It looks as if next weekend is 
the time to do it.

By the way, care to share any information on the V6 swap that you did with 
reference to mods to body, engine type and other components?  I do have a 
BGT that I might consider that project for.  Your V6 sure sounds more than 
impressive.  I have thought of a GM V6 3.1 or so litre variety, but then I 
do not claim to be a know it all by any means.  I bet your V6 with that kind 
of power makes a lot of guys out there think and scratch their heads a bit.  
HaHa  Reminds me of my days with my almost undriveable 283 blown '62 Midget. 
More GM than MG but it did not drive backwards like the names might 

Thanks again,

Rob Geskey (Keeper of Bs)

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