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just died

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Subject: just died
From: "michael poe" <>
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 16:32:42 -0500
Mom asked if she could go for a ride in the MG saturday, so off we went.
The car has been running really well, but seems a little reluctant to idle.
We had gone about 30 miles when as we pulled up to a stop sign, my baby
just died.  I just laughed, and decided to check the points setting.
Everything seemed okay, but she still wouldn't fire. We waited for about 5
minutes(including someone asking if we needed him to call for a tow truck)
and she fired right up and no problems for the rest of the day.  Of course,
I did not have the nerve to try the 45 minute drive to the car show in
Franklin, Tennessee.
I am guessing it may have been vapor lock, but because I have been wanting
to change some things anyway, this gives me a good oppurtunity.  I am going
to change to an electronic fuel pump from TRF, Crane Electronic Ignition,
Lucas Sport Coil, and change to NGK plugs.  I will probably readjust the
valves while I am at it.  Oooh, and the voltage stabilizer so I can get the
fuel and temp gages working again.
Michael Poe
Quality Specialist
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana
1974 1/2 MGB GT

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