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Re: Clutch - Sympathy Strike

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Subject: Re: Clutch - Sympathy Strike
From: "Kai Radicke" <>
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 20:26:02 -0400
Larry Macy wrote:

>After all the multiple times I talked about bleeding the hydralics -
>today I found I needed to. My clutch quit releasing - and guess what - I
>don't own a ShopVac!! The one I used before, I borrowed.
>Well after about a quart of brake fluid through the master cylinder the
>situation is worse. I guess that either the Master Cyl is bad or there is
>a leak in the line. I just keep getting air out of the bleeder. Now had I
>known this yesterday I could have picked one up at BritFest (which by the
>way was great-my first time there). Now I spent several hours on a
>BEAUTIFUL SUNNY Sunday trying to do something I finally figured out
>wasn't gonna happen.

Well two weeks ago a few people had alternator / voltage regulator problems,
and shortly afterward my TR6 decided to go on a sympathy strike and the
voltage regulator failed altogether, and shortly after I was stuck in a
parking lot.

So as today was a wonderful day, I fixed my alternator problems yesterday -
and some other stuff, I drove around quite a bit and past one of the local
car shows.  I noticed that shifting between first and second was pretty
sticky, was very minimal to detect.  Got home, and after working awhile saw
some ugly purplish stains on my tan leather shoes.  WTF!  was my initial
thought, where did I pick this up?  Then I realised it was my clutch foot,
and then I put it together with the sticky gear changes... and well what do
you know but somewhere my clutch hydraulics had sprung a leak and peed all
over my leather shoe.

So tomorrow, I'll pick up a new slave cyl and a master cyl rebuild kit.  And
try and locate a left foot shoe to replace my DOT3 stained one.

I'm also going to attempt, hopefully this week, to restart my efforts of
restoring my MGB.  Or at least get it to the point, where I can move it
around to the rear of the house :)


Kai Radicke --
1966 MGB -- 1974 Triumph TR6

BTW, got pics of my TR6 up, ; what you see
is what I paid for, and a bit of minor paint and body work to the drivers
side for $200.  Roughly, since purchasing... my total for that car is at
about $4600 (car was $4000), many of the repairs not being needed at the
time they were done, but easier since I was fixing something near it or
related anyway.

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