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Vapor seporator hoses

To: mg list <>
Subject: Vapor seporator hoses
Date: Sun, 02 May 1999 19:23:34 -0500
I have had a strong gas smell in my 73 BGT  when the tank is
full for some time now.  Today it happened an I wnt right
away to the back thinking it was the top of the fuel tank
rusted away and leaking but to my surprise it was the hoses
that runto the vapor seperator inthe right rear fender.  I
quickly went in to look up the part in my moss cat but much
to my dissapointment it says NA.  Same for VB.  Any
suggestions?  has anyone changed thees before?  What about
the fittings?

Thanks in advance.  Once again tapping into the wellspring
of know how that is this list.

David Stecher
Urbandale IA

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