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Re: Who *is* this guy???

To: Scott Fisher <>
Subject: Re: Who *is* this guy???
From: Rick Huber <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 16:46:29 -0500

It is indeed great to have you back on the list.  I saved several of
your longer posts from about 1995 for information as well as enjoyment. 
You should consider writing a book of your MG exploits.  I'm on my 6th
MGB/C myself, although the '75 V8 B my 17 year old son, Andrew, and I
just finished restoring and converting sure doesn't feel like the
previous 5. I've had the fever since one of my best friends bought a '68
while we were in high school - '71, and bought my first B in '76. It
really has been a wonderful experience passing the tradition on to
Andrew who now knows well more about the marque than I did at his age. 
Maybe we can keep this going another generation.

Next project is a 65 w/w o/d B restoration.  I've got a completely
restored body shell being painted, and then I'll swap it out and restore
it over time.  No hurry though, because I've got the V8 to drive while
I'm working.  

Safety Fast,


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