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Re: Distributor in wrong, can't retard timing: 77B

To: Art Pfenninger <>
Subject: Re: Distributor in wrong, can't retard timing: 77B
From: Tom McLaughlin <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 14:26:30 -0700 (PDT)
--- Art Pfenninger <> wrote:
> How is the Pirana fixed to the inner fender? The
> cover does not seem to
> come off and there are no screws showing from
> behind. I finally gave up on
> mine and pulled the distributor instead (I was
> pulling the engine out and
> had to seperate the two).
> ...Art Pirana was in pretty bad shape.  The cover did come off, in
fact, too easily.  It looked like the PO used some sort of adhesive to
get the pieces to stay together.  What's left on the car is flat
plastic back piece that I believe was also put on with some evil
adhesive.  There is no screw or bolt or anything showing through this
back piece.  The guts all came out with the top piece.  Once I
disconnected the wires from the dizzy and the power and such, it came
right out.  Not sure the pieces are supposed to come apart, but mine
did.  I think some water got in there (probably a few times) and ruined

Anyone out there that actually installed one of these that could help
out.  I just took one out...that was basically falling out.

77B (with the backside of the Pirana ignition still attached to the

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