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Re: MGA Brakes

To: Bernie Dahlen <>
Subject: Re: MGA Brakes
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Mon, 03 May 1999 20:17:56
At 08:21 PM 5/3/99 -0400, Bernie Dahlen wrote:
>.... What would it take, or is it even possible to convert an MGA 1500
front drum brake system to the caliper style found on the 1600 front
brakes. ....

Yup, no problem, mostly just takes money for the parts.  Almost everything
just bolts right up.  The front steering knuckles had some change at car
number 54247, but that was well before the advent of the 1600, so I think
it didn't have anything to do with the disk brake changeover.  Otherwise
just pull the bearing hub, remove the drum brake backing plate, reinstall
the hub with the new brake disk, and install the caliper, hose bracket and

One little problem comes with the installation of the different hoses used
with the calipers.  They have a different fitting at the body end of the
hose that may not mount directly to the original 1500 hose bracket on the
body.  As I recall the male thread on that end of the hose is a bit smaller
for the 1600.  You might be able to fasten it into the larger hole of the
1500 body bracket, or otherwise a thin bushing may be in order.  Also the
1600 used a "locking plate" on that end of the hose where it fastens to the
body, so maybe that's enough to satisfy a bolt-in installation.

The one other change is with the cover on the master cylinder.  The 1500
cover is flat while the 1600 cover is extended upward to add more volume to
the reservoir.  The covers are interchangeable if you can find a 1600
cover.  New 1600 master cylinders are shipped without a cover so you have
to reuse your original one.  You probably won't like the price of a new
cover for the 1600, so looking for a good used cover may be in order.

Did I forget anything?

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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