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RE. Paint codes

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Subject: RE. Paint codes
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 00:54:35 -0400
one for oew is Dupont #'s (US mfr)
near the bottom of the page

Paul Tegler
OB - 1973 MGBGT (Blaze Red, (orange))
YB - 1973 MGBGT (Primrose Yellow)
Millersville, MD (South of Baltimore, North of Annapolis)

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From: Dan Mullis <dmullis@Adobe.COM>
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Date: Monday, May 03, 1999 3:12 PM
Subject: New Paint Codes.

>Good Day,
>I went this weekend to pick up some paint to do my bugeye.  The 
>place I go to (car color in Gilroy, CA) has been very helpful but
>we were unable to come up with a paint code for "Old English White"
>(WT-3) that would cross match to a modern code.  Does anyone have
>this info?  
>Any help would be greatly appreciated,
>1960 bugeye
>Since this is my first email to the list,  here is the story
>of the car.  
>Sitting in a far corner of my neighbors yard, under a stack of
>rotting tarps I could see the just enough of the smile to know
>it was a bugeye.  After months of watching it be neglected they
>put their house up for sale.  I walked over and asked,  what
>are you going to do with the Austin? "Why you want it?" was
>her reply.  I gave them $200 and towed it home.  That was early
>March.  I have stripped it to bare metal and primed it.  The 
>biggest issue I have is that some idiot cut a big hole in the 
>bonnet to add ventalation.  I will post pictures on my web site 
>when I get some better progress.  My plan early on was to buy a
>1275 from mini-mania along with a 5-speed.  But after reading
>the conversations lately,  I am leaning toward  going stock 
>and try to rebuild it's 948 which looks to be a major ordeal.  
>Does anyone sell rebuilt 948's?

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