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Re: Kimber Run

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Subject: Re: Kimber Run
From: "Scotty" <>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 17:37:42 +0930
Hi All,
           we got our '99 Kimber entry confirmation in the mail today,
 Eric should be feeling better by now } We start in the North of Adelaide on
23 May and end up in the Barossa valley, great two lane blacktop driving in
the company of other MG's, the reason I'm writing this note is to share this
part of instructions which advise us to :-

"Have a great run, take it easy and drive carefully. Enjoy yourself, let
faster cars pass - enjoy the scenery and the thrill of driving your car."

Sounds like good advice to me!

Eric, mate, we have a sweeper car for the run, you can come along with
confidence. <BG>



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