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Re: Kimber Run

Subject: Re: Kimber Run
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 20:41:53 +0000
Scotty wrote:
> we got our '99 Kimber entry confirmation in the mail today,
> Eric should be feeling better by now } 

Hmmm... eased the pain a little!  This should be a fantastic hundred
miles or so - I hope there are LOTS of entries (hmmm my ticket says
#18).  You should see the co-driver I lined up today - you were right,
the 'competition licence' *does* work :-).

> "Have a great run, take it easy and drive carefully. Enjoy yourself, 
> let faster cars pass - enjoy the scenery 
> Sounds like good advice to me!
> Eric, mate, we have a sweeper car for the run, you can come along 
> with confidence. <BG>


OK, Scotty... I take that as a challenge! :-)  Remember to let "faster
cars pass", make sure you wave to me as I go by and please enjoy the
sweet scent of my AVGAS (and the odd fireworks from my Benzine mix).

I'll save you some lunch in the Barossa (don't get lost on the way).

For the rest of the list... I am buying up film stock now so expect a
sizable website on the event.


PS Oh yeah... please let me tell you where *not* to get your electrics
done in Adelaide!

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