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We got a '69 GT!!!

Subject: We got a '69 GT!!!
From: patrick bailey <>
Date: Tue, 04 May 1999 21:21:32 -0700
I got a '69 BGT for my 19 year old son
today for$500!!! It's in pretty good
shape except it will need the seats
rebuilt or replaced and a couple of
dents beat out.But it runs good and even
has OD that works!So it looks like we
will have a lot of fun restoring it.It
has wire wheels 2 chrome,the headliner
is very good,rebuilt SUs and the PO(not
DPO yet!!)said the head was rebuilt
about 300 miles ago but he didn't know
if its an unleaded head,anyway I can
find out without pulling it BTW it's a
67 engine and trans.If anyone has some
decent seats in SO Cal let me know.This
is the first SU powered B I've driven
and it doesn't seem a lot faster than my
'79.A couple of questions...Do you drain
the trans and OD together or are they
separate?I'm going to put in a 30W oil
is that OK for OD?We will check it out
this weekend and I'm sure I'll be back
with more questions!

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