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Re: LBC Repairs

To: Tyson Sherman <>,
Subject: Re: LBC Repairs
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 00:25:37 -0400 (EDT)
        Thanks for the suggestions. Im not the most knowledgeable person when 
comes to cars. Actually, I've always thought they sensed me coming and broke 
        I bought the "Complete MGB guide" by Robert Bentley, the "MGB Owner's 
Survival Manual" by Jim Tyler, "Autobooks MGB Owners Workshop Manual", 
"Chilton's MGB 1961-79" and "Hayes Webber Carburator Manual"(mine has a webber 
and a complete de-tox per John Twist that I paid a mechanic to complete, but 
would not go back to). I've been reading the books cover to cover, looking for 
the pieces in my car, but I think the previous owner REALLY modified the car. 
Things that I expect aren't there, things don't look quite right, and there are 
changes that I dont understand very well. 
        I joined the local Long Island MGB club, but I recieved a sheet paper 
and nothing more since, nor about repair places or workshops. Nevertheless, I 
enjoy my LBC, though it runs rough, she looks pretty (perfect completely rust 
free body) and after lurking on the MG list I realized this was a real find, 
especially at the price I paid. The mechanicals run, but needs help to run 
perfectly.... my therapist tells me that a LBC was therefore the wrong life 
choice, but we'll work that out after a few more sessions.
        So if anyone knows of workshops near New York City please let me know.

1977 MGB

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