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Re: Moss Motoring

Subject: Re: Moss Motoring
From: Scott Fisher <>
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 10:30:18 -0700
Dan Ray writes:

> Only problem is, if you don't order directly from them, and 
> order stuff from the various distributors (on the LIST), 
> they'll take you OFF of the Moss Motoring list eventually. 

That's good to know.  I'm fortunate to live not far from a shop that is
a Moss dealer -- O'Connor Classics in Santa Clara, CA.  They've got a
parts room with lots of stuff in it, seems mostly to be the things you
need all the time like gaskets, SU rebuild kits, oil filters, etc.

Mike O'Connor, the owner, always sells Moss items at the catalog price,
including their sale prices when they're in effect.  This of course is
because as a dealer/distributor, Mike's still getting the parts from
Moss at their wholesale prices; it's a business, not a charity, after

Still, I believe this is a real win for all Britcar enthusiasts in the
area, because it means that we can get the same prices we would on
mailorder, *and* we're supporting a local business, with local gurus and
a local stock of commonly-required parts.  More than once I've been able
to hop into a car, drive to O'Connor, and pick up the part needed to get
the M.G. back together.  And more than once I've asked Mike (or his
mechanic, J.R. Boye, who last I knew was driving a charming RHD Midget
in BMC competition colors, with a Monte Carlo Rally plaque on the nose)
for advice on some weird problem I was having, and he's been able to say
"Oh, you need to..." and give me the solution.

Not quite as good as the M.G. digest, but easier to take a big chunk of
metal in and have him look it over. :-)

I will, however, make a point of ordering at least something from the
Moss catalog every few months just to keep my "subscription" valid.

Safety fast!

 --Scott Fisher
   Sunnyvale, CA

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