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Aiming headlights

Subject: Aiming headlights
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 17:05:14 -0300
As I reassembled the front end of my 80 MGB LE today, I realized i will
have to realign the headlights.  Somewhere, I know not where, I have seen
a grid against which one aims his headlights.  Can anyone point me to
where i might find it or, alternatively, send me a word picture or scanned
picture of what the aiming grid looks like for North American Highway?

I will draw the aiming points on the back of my garage door so that they
will be there forever.  By the way, i assume the grid dimensions tells one
how far the car should be parked from the grid.



Our 62 MGA 1600 MK II and 80 MGB LE are waiting for warm weather
Betti Ann and Preston Smith in the Head of St Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia, 

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