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Re: Parts in the UK--instrument lights?

Subject: Re: Parts in the UK--instrument lights?
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 10:17:45 EDT
  Perhaps you have the answer to the dim dash-light problem.  
  In the US, the #50, 7.5 v bulb is wonderfully bright.  I doesn't last
long, even with the rheostat turned down to the usual barely-legible
illumination level.
  The #52 bulb, 14.4 v   is pretty darn dim.
  The #1449, 14.0 v is much brighter than the #52, but can be hard to
find. (I found some at CT Electric Equipment, an electrical warehouse, 
800-545-0332). They light up the instruments enough so that they can be
read easily in a dark car, but will be difficult to read when a Sport Ute
is tailgaiting.
  If there is a better bulb available in the UK  (could a lister in the
UK research this before his trip?)   might you be able to get some and
bring them home to the cheers and thanks of  MGB drivers throughout the

>> Listers,
>> I'm one of the people who is a lurker.  I have been a member of the
>> "list" on and off for 2 or 3 years, but work, school, wife, house, 
>> drywall etc. etc. have kept me from participating much and less so
>> recently.
>> Anyway, the aforementioned job is sending me to Europe.  First Rome,
>> then Brussles and at my own request London (May 20th to the 23ed).
>> Last time I departed from Brittan I surprised the customs people by
>> having in my bags 1. Moto Lita wheel ($100), 2. a pair of swivel 
>> ($45-50 each) 3. assorted small bushings etc (very cheap).  The 
>> guys had a good chuckle at my expense.  This time I would like to 
>> them a good belly laugh.  I've been looking at some old issues of MG
>> enthusiast (1998) where knock on mini light wheels are 130 pounds
>> ($860/4 vrs VB $1200), front Spax conversion $240 vrs $399 in VB.
>> Any sugestions as to items that I could aquire in England that are 
>> on the state side of the pond?  I would apreciate it if any listers 
>> the UK could suggest suppliers in the London area that would give me 
>> fair price?  Events going on?
>> Thanks
>> Paul Murch
>> 64 MGB

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