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My Thoughts on Moss Motors and others

Subject: My Thoughts on Moss Motors and others
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 12:17:59 EDT
Hey Guys and the few Girls that are on the list

             I have read about all the complaints about how expensive Moss
can be. I hear the comparisons between Moss and other companies. But,,,,,
when it comes down to it, 98% of the Time,, Moss Has the part you need, or
will have it to you in a day or two. They are a business geared towards our
LBC's. And,,if it wasn't for these companies making a profit off of us,,
most of our cars would be at the nearest scrap yard or back on the showroom
floor as a "Miata". Also, They do have one of the best catalogs around,, as
in most detailed. They stay involved in the British Car Communities,,which
is good for their business, When you call them with a parts order, at least
the person on the other end knows something about LBC's.
            I'm sure ,, some of the old timers on the list can remember back
( like before the list existed),, to a time when,, everything we needed for
our cars,, had to be made,, or adapted to keep the cars going.
          I am not just a supporter of Moss alone,, I deal with many of the
companies we all talk about on the list,,,, ( I know, you guys have never
seen me here before, I use to be on the list under another name a while
back)  and no matter what the price is,, if you need it,, you need it.
           At least we have great swap meets like Carlisle,, coming up REAL
SOON. And the use part vendors at any show are my favorite source for parts.
If not for buying,, for refreshing my memory of all the parts I have
replaced on my cars over the years.
          When I come to think of it,, My cars are nowhere near original,,
it is compiled of all replacement parts, spare parts, and parts of B's gone
by the way of the crusher. My latest car is compiled of MG, Rover, Triumph,
Ford, Feirro, Moss, PepBoys, Napa, and who knows what else I have managed to
adapt into it. So,, My LBC is just a Mutt with a great Family Tree behind
it. But ,, it is all Mine.

Jim Brucato,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, aka:
MGBFUN, Gone4sure
1980 MGB V8 Conversion,,,,Going to Carlisle ,,,And Vancouver hopefully,,
1964 MGB ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sleeping,, awaiting it's restoration to what it
should "B"

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