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RE: brake and clutch pedal bushings

To: Lawrie Alexander <>,
Subject: RE: brake and clutch pedal bushings
From: Larry Hoy <>
Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 09:25:07 -0600
So now that we have distance tubes and bushings figured out, how about the
"bolt" on which all these pieces pivot?

Is this "bolt" just that, a plain old hardware store (graded of course)
bolt?  Or is is some special size/dimension pivot piece with threads?

I can't find this part in the Moss catalog, so I am guessing the hardware
store is the place to look.

Larry Hoy, Denver, CO USA
1970 MGB Daily Driver ~ 1967 MGB Vintage Racer ~ 1969 MGB Undergoing V8

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> To: Nina Barton;
> Subject: Re: brake and clutch pedal bushings
> Sorry to disagree with Enrique but the replacement of bushings in
> pedals is
> dead simple. All you need is a vise, a socket small enough to press on the
> bushing (but not pass through it) and a socket to go on the other side of
> the pedal large enough and deep enough for the bushing to go into as it is
> pushed out of the pedal by being squeezed between the vise jaws.
> To press the new one in, simply place it at the entrance of the
> hole in the
> pedal then close the vise jaws and the bush will be squeezed into place.
> Lawrie
> British Sportscar Center
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> Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 8:12 AM
> Subject: brake and clutch pedal bushings
> >I know it sounds like it's been going on forever, and it has,
> but I need to
> >ask another new mechanic type question.  Brake and clutch pedals have
> >bushings which need to be pressed in.  One of mine is loose (71
> BGT) but my
> >question is;  How do I press in the new one?  Do I need to have some
> >machine shop do it, or is it a home type repair.  Thanks for
> educating me.
> >Nina
> >
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