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RE: Let the dismantling begin

Subject: RE: Let the dismantling begin
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 19:29:47 -0500 (CDT)
On 05/06/99 17:55:08 you wrote:
>Where did you say you were and how complete is the car?

The car is 100% complete right down to the air pump. I went out and took a good 
look at it after 
I posted the dismantling message and my heart is breaking. It is really very 
solid. The Boot 
lid, Bonnet, doors, fenders, trunk compartment and floors are all solid. Just 
the lower outer 
rockers are needy. The engine needs to be redone and of course paint and a new 
hood (convertible 
top) are in order. The car is on Long Island in New York (East Meadow) it's in 
the driveway in 
front of the 58 Austin and 76 MGB and in back of the 74 Midget but across from 
the 72 MGB 
belonging to my son all of which I need to get working on soon. Did I mention 
my 74 BGT daily 
driver is in the driveway as well and the 75 MGB (my baby) is in the garage. 
Get the idea? 
Promised the wife I'd loss a couple of car before our daugther graduates high 
school next month 
/ I'm running out of time. I had inquiries about the bumpers (excellent), air 
pump, alternator 
and head in the last couple of hours. If I sold these separately, I'd have over 
$200. I'm giving 
it till next Weds to go as a whole, after that, it's parts and it's a shame. I 
have in the past 
and continue to do more than my share to keep as many of these cars alive, I 
ALL FOLKS !!! alittle help please?

Safety Fast,
David Deutsch  

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