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Re: She won't start....

To: "" <>
Subject: Re: She won't start....
From: G Graham <>
Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 19:41:26 -0400
> > My 77 Mgb wont start. Two days ago it did. Now it
> > doesnt. Starter turns, engine
> > turns, but it wont catch.
> > I had no spark. I found the loose connection, fixed.
> > Now, I cant find a reason.
> > Suggestions? Ideas?

If all else fails . . . . .

There is a short piece of wire in the distributor, tucked down along the
edge, which looked ok on mine, but was broken at the connector. This gave
some rather puzzling intermittent go/no go experiences. Check it out, mine
turned to dust when I moved it.

74B Bright-eyed (re aligned the left headlamp) and "bushy" tailed (nosed?)
rebush front end.

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