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MGA tach on crutches (both legs cut off) help!!!!

To: "mgs" <>
Subject: MGA tach on crutches (both legs cut off) help!!!!
From: "Clayton Kirkwood" <>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 19:36:30 -0700
Have a 62 MGA II and several drives ago, the tach started making odd
sounds when cold but went away when warmed up. Then it became a
constant nag, squeeling and humming, and the actual indicator flipped
and flopped around like a crazy man. Finally, I took the tach out of
the dash (the arm had fallen off inside) and proceeded to look and act
semi-knowledgeable about how the thing works. I pulled the inner cable
out, cleaned it and put it back in with a light coating of lithium
grease. Reconnected everything and now I still don't have a moving

I then disconnected the cable from the back of the tach, and turned
the engine over. The inner cable turns nicely. The end that goes into
the back of the tach has rounded corners ( I suspect something with
this). So I know that the engine end engages (the corners are ok
there) and the cable rotates.

I then took the tach out of the dash and put the engine end of the
inner cable into a cordless drill and the other end I tried to hold
into the back of the tach (tried both forward and reverse on the
drill). Being cordless, it doesn't have great speed but it couldn't
make the tach move. I reversed the ends figuring the rounded corners
of the tach end of the inner cable may be the culprit. Still nothing
(reverse and forward) although if I movethe cable around a little I
get the jumpy needle somewhat.

Now what????? I am assuming that the tach innards themselves are
screwed up, but the only way to get the thing apart enough is to drill
out a punched tube end holding a face plate on which is what the
needle attaches to. I don't want to do anything about this because I
don't have anyway to spread the tube again.

Oh wise ones, offer me a solution please.


Clayton Kirkwood
(916) 663-2368

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