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My interior is back

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Subject: My interior is back
From: "William M. Gilroy" <>
Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 21:49:14 -0400
I just got home from getting my interior.  A while back I 
asked who did what for their interior.  I got assorted 
responses from I did it myself to I sent it out.  Here's what
I did.  I sent the seats and all of the interior panels 
to a local guy (NJ) to be recovered.  The 79 Midget has seat
covers with the heat seam in the center of the seat.  These
can't be made by an upholster.  What I did was I had the
seats covered in vinyl in a mild tuck and roll.  The door
panels were done to match.  So the top half of the door
panel is tuck and roll and the bottom half is covered with
carpet.  The kick panel has the bottom half covered with
carpet and the top half in vinyl.  The carpet on both panels
line up.  This car used to have a biscuit (tan) interior.  I
choose to have it done it black with black piping.  Call
me pedestrian.  I also picked up a carpet set for the car
from the same guy.  Some of my panels were reused and some
were made new.  In any case I am very pleased with the
results.  The results are better than what I could do and
the total cost was cheaper than what the parts would cost
me.  Can't beat that deal.  

Just as an aside I was in NYC getting dinner with my wife,
my sister, and her husband and I told my brother inlaw I sent my 
interior out to be redone by a local guy.  He asked me who and when I
told him, he said he knows Walt and his son.  He had known them
for years, back for the days when he used to own British cars
and an auto parts store.  Walt also remembered my brother inlaw.
Talk about a small world.  Anyhow I am very pleased with 
my interior.   If anyone wants this guys number send me e-mail and
I will forward it to you.

The only down side of this is when I put my nice new interior into
my old worn car it is going to make the worn stuff really stand out.
This will make me want to replace the other worn bits.  I better
be careful, but so it begins.

Bill "Movin' on up" Gilroy
77 Midget sans interior and engine
90 Shar-Pei sans toe and good rear knee

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