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RE: My interior is back

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Well I am showing my age but here goes. Tuck and roll refers to the type of
"look" for the seats in an automobile.  During the 50s + 60s it was used on
lots of hot rods.  The tuck refers to the seam the roll refers to the padded
portion of the seat cover.  Example the distance between the seams could be
1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2 etc etc. the roll would be the padded portion of the
cover that is the same distance as the seams in-between the rolls. The seams
and the roll  all ran from front to back (the same as the length of the car
as apposed to running sideways across the width of the car). One way to get
a cheap seat cover when the original covers split was to use terry cloth to
cover the seat, this was affectionately known as "tuck + roll terry cloth".

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