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FW: Springs, Ride Heights, and wobbling wheels (Update)

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Subject: FW: Springs, Ride Heights, and wobbling wheels (Update)
From: "Jason Dutt" <>
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 15:17:48 -0400
I tried to send this message directly to Joe, but it was returned as
undeliverable mail.  Joe, what's your correct email address so I can update
it in my address book?


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Subject: RE: Springs, Ride Heights, and wobbling wheels (Update)

> Jason, what year car do you have ?

It's a '72.

> I'm interested in the removal
> of a leaf
> from your GT springs, I have a '75 B roadster with Gt springs and am
> interested in
> doing the same thing to my car.

Okay, there's a few things to bear in mind.  First, they were 1" Lowered GT
Rears springs, for the 72 model year.  The rear of the car was about 2.5"
higher than the front.  The front has new stock springs for the 72 model
year.  So, depending on your situation, the results may vary from what mine

> Did you need to buy ant
> additional parts or
> was the old hardware reused ?

Everything was already new (bushings, rubber stops, etc.), so it didn't need
replacing.  As I said, the shop did the work, so the actual procedure I'm
not familiar with.  I'm sure they would have had to use new spring clamps,
since the old ones would have been too big.  Other than that, everything
else should be okay as long as it's in excellent condition.

Best Regards, and gook luck!


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