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RE: FWD: Springs, Ride Heights, and wobbling wheels (Update)

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Subject: RE: FWD: Springs, Ride Heights, and wobbling wheels (Update)
From: Joe Short <>
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 15:59:05 -0400
That's my current email address, and I got your message. I don't know why
it was bounced back to you, must be a problem with the email provider.

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>I tried to send this message directly to Joe, but it was returned as
>undeliverable mail.  Joe, what's your correct email address so I can update
>it in my address book?
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>Subject: RE: Springs, Ride Heights, and wobbling wheels (Update)
>> Jason, what year car do you have ?
>It's a '72.
>> I'm interested in the removal
>> of a leaf
>> from your GT springs, I have a '75 B roadster with Gt springs and am
>> interested in
>> doing the same thing to my car.
>Okay, there's a few things to bear in mind.  First, they were 1" Lowered GT
>Rears springs, for the 72 model year.  The rear of the car was about 2.5"
>higher than the front.  The front has new stock springs for the 72 model
>year.  So, depending on your situation, the results may vary from what mine
>> Did you need to buy ant
>> additional parts or
>> was the old hardware reused ?
>Everything was already new (bushings, rubber stops, etc.), so it didn't need
>replacing.  As I said, the shop did the work, so the actual procedure I'm
>not familiar with.  I'm sure they would have had to use new spring clamps,
>since the old ones would have been too big.  Other than that, everything
>else should be okay as long as it's in excellent condition.
>Best Regards, and gook luck!

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