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Re: HS4 Flooding problem

To: "Jason" <>,
Subject: Re: HS4 Flooding problem
From: "wizardz" <>
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 00:24:28 -0400
every body talks about gross jets...
if they were so good they would be standard
go back to stock and install a GOOD fuel filter
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From: Jason <>
To: MG List Posts <>
Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 10:19 PM
Subject: HS4 Flooding problem

>I recently installed a set of HS4 carbs (AUD 135) on my 79 B. I am having
>problems with them flooding (badly!). When I rebuilt them I used Gross
>and I suspect they are causing the problem.
>Has anyone used Gross Jets on HS4s? If so, what did you set you float
>to? Also, how many washers did you use under them?

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