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Re: HS4 Flooding problem

Subject: Re: HS4 Flooding problem
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sat, 08 May 1999 10:20:25 -0600
Although I am not a fan of grose jets, they should still not flood (at
least not badly). If its flooding  - as in fuel coming out of the overflow
line, then you should check to make sure the floats don't have a leak and
that your fuel pressure is not in excess of much over 4 psi.

If your float bowls are not overflowing, maybe the problem is in the choke.
Check that it pulls the jets down and then allows them to release. My very
first HS4 overhaul many years ago, I somehow put the jets in wrong and my
65B was running as if full choke was engaged, something I won't forget now
since it was my first mechanical act of stupidity.

To answer your questions:

Float height - 1/8" or according to Haynes "Invert the float chamber so
that the needle valve is closed. It should now be possible to placed an
1/8" diameter bar across the middle diameter of the machined float chamber
lip parallel to the float surface hinge so that the face of the float lever
just rests on the bar...."

Personally, I just eyeball it.

The washers - I think are for the nonadjustable HS4 carbs. Later HS carbs
did not have the adjustable metal tab on the floats so the washers were
used to adjust fuel level.

67 BGT (almost roadworthy)
71 BGT (the daily driver)
74 Toyota Landcruiser (the summer convertible)

>I recently installed a set of HS4 carbs (AUD 135) on my 79 B. I am having
>problems with them flooding (badly!). When I rebuilt them I used Gross Jets,
>and I suspect they are causing the problem.
>Has anyone used Gross Jets on HS4s? If so, what did you set you float height
>to? Also, how many washers did you use under them?

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